Book Me To Speak

As a public speaker I am all about the promotion of women and reminding them of their epic awesomeness. I talk about the power of negative self talk, self grown confidence, that’s it’s OK to truly love yourself and that the only opinion of you that ever matters, is your own.

I talk to women about how they can and deserve to feel better about who they authentically are, better about the lives they lead and challenge them to love themselves just a little bit more.

2 divorces, 3 marriages, 1 relationship of domestic violence, 20 years of parenting, 4 kids and being a step mother to 2 more, I’ve seen a whole heap of shit that us women go through in life, I’ve seen the lows of the low, and felt less than enough most of my adult life.

And then I learnt a simple life lesson. And that lesson was, that I held ALL the power when dealing with every experience I had gone through, and how I have ALL the power to make myself truly happy in the life that I choose.

Many years of therapy and self exploration have taught me that I am enough, that we are enough. And I want ALL women to know this too. I want women to take the pressure of themselves, to know that despite how the world dictates we should be, we are enough just as we are.

If you would like to book me for an event you are organising then drop me a message.

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