This is Me

So, this is me….albeit it sporting a snazzy Snapchat filter, and why am I filtered up you may ask? img_2696

Because like a million other women, I’m not a huge fan of my own face, in fact, there’s now so many of us women who are unhappy with what our mamas gave us, Snapchat relies on it.

This is the very reason that I started this blog. I’m calling BS on self hate!

I’m Lauren and apart from being a wife, mother, business owner and blogger I suffer with feeling as though I am not enough!

Not enough for my husband, my kids, my friends, my business and so I’ve started this blog as a reminder to me and to you new friend that no only are we totally enough, we’re fucking epically enough!

By the power of this blog I will be sharing my life in all it’s glory, the things I struggle with as a mother, a wife and a woman, in the hopes that it’ll make you feel a little less shitter about the snapchat filtered beaut that is you❤

I’ll be talking all about the perils of being a woman, enduring divorce, ten tonne of therapy to put right my troubled childhood (feels a little bit cliche that one) and the biggest taboo of them all domestic violence!

2017 will see me hosting women centred events full of empowerment and togetherness, with guest speakers (and wine). All profits made from This Girl Is Enough will go directly to women’s charities to further support women.

You can also hire me to come and speak at an event you are organising, click here to find out more.

All the love

Lauren xx

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