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This Girl Is Enough  Members Lounge

This Girl Is Enough Members Lounge is a safe space for personal evolution. A Women-only group with the soul purpose of us learning together and supporting each other. 

An opportunity for personal growth and connection. 

Monthly topics where we will focus on development around many areas of personal development, examples of topics planned are;  

  • How I Quit Wine Time 
  • Confidence Tools For Life 
  • The Grey Area of Body Positivity 
  • Tips To Get You Out Of That Funk
  • How To Implement Daily Self-Care
  • How I published My First Book
  • How To Manage Social Media Expectations
  • How To Be Less Dependent on Outside Validation

Each month there will be an opportunity for a live Q&A with me to explore these topics with a more personal approach. I will share my thoughts, experience and tips with you and you'll get the opportunity to ask any question you need to, to enable you to create a plan of growth for you moving forward.  

Each month I will share my recommendations for podcasts/books/blogs relevant to the current topic. 

Each month I will share a downloadable Top Ten Tips  checklist so you can keep track of your leanings and have the tips to hand or as a picture on your phone, readily available.

You will be eligible for any free tickets that are offered to me for events I'm speaking at (I gave away 2 tickets worth £110 each last month) AND a discount on any tickets for any events that I'm holding. 

I will post daily prompts into the group that will motivate you or nudge your curiosity to learn. 

I will be live in the group once a week* for a drop in, an opportunity for me to share my new findings and for you to touch base and  share or ask questions about anything.

*Days TBC 

ALL the content in the group will be saved in the group meaning you don't have to be at every live or Q&A, you can watch it on playback in your own time. 

I will bring in Experts (adhoc) for Live chats, a chance for you to gain their expertise in their specialist subjects (if you have a fave expert you'd like to hear speak, I'll do my best to get them in the group for a live chat)

The membership is a monthly investment of your choosing. Priced from £5 to £25, YOU get to choose what this space means to you, and what you can afford to invest in your personal development monthly.  

Once you have signed up to your subscription below please request to join the group here.

Your Investment