Filter Free (Includes handwritten message)


Filter Free (Includes handwritten message)


In a time where you can slap a filter onto any imperfection, women have begun admitting to feeling withdrawn from one another and experiencing huge feelings of inadequacy. But it’s time to bring back some balance. It’s time women were given the space to share real experiences without fear of judgement or of being defined by them. It’s time we saw some evidence that we are not alone in our less than perfect, often challenging lives.

'Filter Free' is a collection of stories written by women who’ve experienced real adversity and are ready to drop their filters. Their stories are emotionally charged. They speak of their triumphs and they highlight the incredibly raw strength of women.

Covering serious issues such as divorce, rape, miscarriage and alcoholism, these brave women have come together in a bid to help reconnect us in a world of social disconnect.

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Lauren Derrett is a mother of four children, she is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Selfish Mother, has been published in The Daily Telegraph and featured on various radio shows. She lives with her family in Essex, swears regularly, overindulges in wine and has a limitless energy when it comes to supporting women in finding happiness with themselves. After a tricky childhood, two divorces, and an inability to put herself first, she found herself battling her way through many, many years of therapy; all the therapies; like a lab rat for therapy. And throughout her on-going journey of self-exploration Lauren decided to share her findings on how to believe in yourself and know that you are enough, in a bid to create a movement that helps women to connect with their light and then to be confident enough to shine that beautiful unique light brightly out into the world.