But What if you can't love your body?

The time has come where the temperatures have gotten sooooo hot that I've found myself dragging out the short shorts, the shorts that would normally be reserved only for holidaying away from people I know. 

My legs are on full show, they are deathly white, have anemic orange peel and stick together at the top when wearing a skirt. But I'm hot, and I'm passed caring. I'm overall pretty body confident. I shared a photo of my naked, scared, wobbly with a slight overhanging post baby belly on the Huffington Post, no filters, no airbrush, no strategic lighting, just raw and close up in all it's doughy glory. 

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The Day A Princess Represented Me

I've just sat and watched Harry marry his Megan, and was I overcome with emotion, an emotion that I hadn't expected.

I've heard so much about Megan representing colour, America, divorcees, and actors,  and I can totally understand why her marriage into the royal family was so important for anyone who fits into the categories that have been flagged, the categories that she unknowingly has become an ambassador for, but I didn't feel connected to her

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PMT and Social Media Inadequacies!

Today I'm feeling totally shite! 

I'm now old enough to have noticed a pattern, and I know that my mood is hormonal and will pass, but today, it's here and it's fierce. 

I was gonna do a Facebook live into our community group to talk about how I'm feeling but I'm on the verge of tears, and while I'm not adverse to crying on FB, I fear that the emotions will take over and that I won't even be audible. When I'm in this mood, social media becomes a massive trigger and fuels my feelings of inadequacy,  I know that it's healthier for me to stay away from it.

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