How to have fucking incredible day!

Some days I can wake up and feel like I JUST.CAN’T. DO.IT. Not today, not any day, not ever!

The mundane chores, the relentless demands, the same old same old, the same shit different day!

Zero motivation holds me down on my bed like the weight of a thousand really heavy things.

The day ahead feels long, tedious and monotonous; my bed feels safe, calm and quiet.

After a long internal battle of a million reasons not to get up vs 2 reasons to get up (to eat and to pee), I haul my lazy ass off the slightly sweaty cotton sheets and face the day ahead, begrudgingly.

From that moment, I am already defeated. My day had nowhere to go but down. I had set the tone and my poor innocent day was willing to oblige.

So I do the school run, swearing under my breathe whilst listening to Mr Tickles Happy ‘fucking Christmas’ CD AGAIN (it’s summer FFS).

I go to Tesco, dragging myself up and down the aisles wondering where the fuck the ketchup has been moved to this week and thinking FML whilst limply throwing shit in the trolley that’ll be thrown back in my face because I’ve dare to dish up something that’s not pasta (what did we eat before pasta?).

I then sit at my desk in my home office feeling pissed off that I’m not back in an actual real life office having boozy adult lunches that are filled with light banter and light flirting.

I go and put a wash on, hating on my life, walk the dog, hating on my life, clean the loo just simply hating on my life.

4 pm, wine time (TBF I start counting down from 2)! And then I spend my evening necking wine, complaining about the weight that I’ve gained and watching pointless shit on TV for the ‘escapism’.

And then back to bed!

But here’s the thing. My day didn’t have to be like that! My day could have been a magical mystery tour in my life. It could have been full of fun and excitement. Sure, the chores would all still need to be done, but it could all have been so different…..

I wake up and I think to myself, when I count down 5-1 I’ll get up at 1, and I do. No procrastination.

I’m feeling good.

I make a cup of tea and spend 15 minutes in silence (meditation optional but recommended). I spend time in that moment, not thinking about my to do list, just sitting, thinking about how lucky I am to have woken up in a house of my loved ones in these worrying times.

I’m feeling grateful.

I do the school run with happy music raising the vibe for us all.

I’m feeling fun.

I go to Tesco marvelling at all the choice we’re fortunate to have, and over joyed that they have 5 shelves of different shaped pastas with varying sauces to keep my poor deprived children fed.

I’m feeling like I’ve scored.

I sit at my desk and marvel at the view and have an impromptu party for 1 in my kitchen at lunchtime, music turned up loud, no big bar bill, no chance of being talking into anything dodge with the office perv and no having to get the bus home because I’m still drunk even at 5 (not my finest hour).   

I’m feeling alive.

I put a wash on, imagining putting fresh PJ’s on tonight, I walk the dog enjoying the air and space around me, I clean the loo, yeah, no, I still hate that.

I’m feeling productive.

4 pm is cuppa tea and Blue Riband time, and a sit down to catch up on Sponge Bob with the littlest (it feels like bonding, kinda?) And then I spend the evening investing in me, a bath, a book, silence, sleep.

I’m feeling content, productive, alive, happy.

Two days, exactly the same only the mind-set changed.

Changing your mind-set from FML to LML is readily available to you, YOU get to choose, it costs nothing and can be done in 5 seconds when you make the decision to count down to you bouncing out of bed.

Cranking up this incredibly ass kicking, new day YouTube audio will be the best start to everyday (I use this one ALL the time). 

You decide if you want to have day after day of ‘what fresh hell’ or day after day of ‘what fresh thinking’. Like anything worth having, you do have to work for it, it’s not gonna turn up on the first day and never leave, you may have years and years of negative thought patterns you’ve gotta see off BUT you can do it and I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

My darling you have one life, you choose how you wanna live it.