No Midlife Crisis Here

Midlife Crisis

Wow, midlife sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?

I’m Lauren, I’m 44 and I’m living That Midlife Life.

I don’t know about you but I’ve started to feel and see a lot of differences in my thoughts and behaviour since hitting middle age, I’m getting curious about how to avoid the midlife crisis, and I’ve found myself seeking ways to make the transformation easier and a little more fun than everything I’ve been told to prepare for.

The changes I’ve been seeing are;

  • I’m becoming more aware and (shit) scared about any health problems that I'm experiencing and those that are still to come

  • I’m becoming much more conscious of my weight and my health and actively finding ways to make myself fitter and stronger (see above)

  • I have fewer fucks to give than ever before and am in the best place ever as far as self-worth goes, I mean, I'm bloody awesome, like REALLY bloody awesome

  • I can have mega dark days that come out of nowhere and with no explanation, proper world beware days

  • I’m finding myself thinking about death, my own and of those around me, not in a morbid sense but in a kind of bracing myself kind of way

  • I have an acute awareness of time and a need to make the most of every day as it feels so precious

  • I’m ALL about seeking out my life purpose, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, exploring new ideas and trying new things

  • I’m spending money on ME, not the family, it’s guilt-free and it feels empowering (I’ve already booked myself 2 retreats for 2019)

  • Libido - Zero

  • I’m nurturing me, the kids have all but pretty much grown up and are slowly leaving (except my 6-year-old, he’ll be here for a while yet) and I’ve found myself with space in my head and in my house and it’s the new, new that I’m adjusting to

  • I’m ready to use my new found time and headspace to embrace, explore, evolve and bring back some fun. Read books that I enjoy, dabble with new styles, manage my peri-menopause, seek out my libido and actively find ways that will transform me into the best version of me.

Are you ready too?

If you are, then take a look at my Midlife Hub, it might be just what you’re looking for!

What does midlife feel like for you? Have you got any tips you can leave in the comments below for any mid-lifers who are struggling with the transition?