Before I started This Girl is Enough I was a doula, a non medical birth supporter.

My 'job' was to support, nurture and educate pregnant women through pregnancy and birth so that they had a positive birth experience.

My clients would begin their pregnancy journey full of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of overwhelm, lack of belief in themselves and in their abilities to birth their babies.

They were facing their biggest life change, the thought of the journey to get to the positive end result sometimes seemed too big BUT they knew how much they wanted to enjoy their birthing experience rather than fear it, and so they were prepared to face their fear down and do the work to get the end result.

I supported them when the fear took hold (fears a fucker that will keep trying to find a way in) I reminded them of their strength and their innate ability to overcome the fear and to stand in their power, I gave them tools that would help their physical bodies during the birthing process and their minds so that they were able to birth with utter determination that you need to achieve your dreams.

I answered their questions, I found them research, I gave them space to explore their wants and needs, I held their hand, I made it less scary and more believable.

I believed in them.

I pumped them full of confidence, I made them laugh about the fact they were likely to shit at their birth, rather than have them focusing on how they'll ever live it down if they shit at their birth.

We laughed, we cried, we grew a bond and she began to trust.

I held my clients tight in mind every second I was working with them, even when I wasn't with them.

Their outcome of success meant as much to me as it did to them and I gave it my all to support them in achieving it.

The transformations that I watched time and time again in my clients was like watching women grow into who they ultimately are, strong, brave, curious, tenacious, determined and just plain un-fucking stoppable in their pursuit for all the feelings of exhilaration and achievement.

And then I realised that I needed to share this support to ALL women. I realised that ALL women need this level of support and nurture. All women need someone who believes in their strengths and their abilities, and someone who cares about the end result as much as they do

And so I created This Girl is Enough.

I now stretch my love, support, my knowledge, my believe into ALL women, not just beautiful preggos.

I now get to watch women like you, grow into themselves and stand in their power so that they can feel exhilaration and achievement in their everyday lives.

Women matter to me, and I will continue to 'work' to support them ALL.

The photo above is of me and my darling client Kat Jones Photography, this was 5 minutes before she birthed her son, whilst she lifted him out of the water she said 'OH WOW' <3

She had stepped into her power and her hard work had just paid off.