Putting Your Mental Health Before Your Social Media


On Sunday I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook. I've made no secret of the fact that social media can really fuck with my perspective and impact on me in a fairly negative way, it's the very reason that I wrote Filter Free.  And on Sunday just passed, the imbalance and negativity took a hold, and it seems to be only getting worse.

"Nope. Not today.
For the last few days, I’ve felt the cloud coming, the tears brimming, the exhaustion gripping.
My head is heavy and my thoughts are dark.
I stupidly spent time this morning scrolling through the socials in a bid to connect with another who also wasn’t feeling it, looking for some evidence that it wasn’t just me, that’s it not because I’m me.
And all I saw were happy, smiley people, celebrating with tans and booze.
I have neither.
It was photo after photo of joy and fun times, each one making me sadder and sadder.
I’m not sad that people are happy and celebrating, I’m sad because there STILL seems to be no balance on social media from where I’m standing.
I wrote Filter Free, and have spent a year trying to bring balance between what we see on socials and what really happens in real life with real women and yet here I am, still faced with this perfect life bias.
I know not everyone wants to share the shit times but when we hide our shit times it not only attaches shame to them, it also disconnects us from the real world and real people.
A world that isn’t just Gin and juice in the sunshine, instead of a world where there are good and bad days, happy and sad days.
I’m a whole person, that means I feel all the things and I won’t hide them for fear of judgment or of upsetting someone else’s vibe.
I’m not ashamed to be me, but I am feeling a bit fucked off with the socials and feeling a strong pull to come off altogether, to jack it all in, in favor of living a simple more real life."

So what am I to do? 

I'm coming up with a plan so that I can continue to spread my message, continue to help, inspire and empower women but in a way where I'm spending much time on social media. 

I am going to be working to my own new agenda instead of putting all my trust in an online algorithm that doesn't view people who need 'time off the socials' favorably. 

If you want to join me on my new minimal social trial then hang around, subscribe to the blog (using the tab at the bottom of this blog) this'll send you updates on any blogs I post (spoiler; they'll be shared on here but may not be shared on the socials if it's not a delegated socials day) or you can sign up to my newsletter here so we can stay in touch. 

What is your relationship with social media like?

Are you able to limit your usage or is it like crack to you? 

Does it have a negative impact of does it pump you up? 

Let's discuss.........