I feel quite emotional about this picture and its sentiment, it's something I've been triggered by for a long time

The future is NOT female.

Every time I see that saying on t-shirts, stickers, memes, pins, pens and other random innate objects, I feel an overwhelming mixture of rage and sadness.

Rage because I don't ever want to be included in a group of people who would be so non-inclusive. Rage because I don't want to be seen the same as others who choose to follow the 'trends' love of slogans, slogans that seem to promote feminism (which I'm all for) by totally discrediting boys and men (which I am not)

I have 3 sons. 2 of them are old enough to see this, to feel this, to feel lesser because of this. They are old enough to feel that they aren't part of the future. They are old enough to feel oppressed. And whilst it would be easy to bat back 'women have been oppressed for long enough', I would say, not by my boys they haven't, not by my boys!

Nor have they been oppressed by my brothers (of which I have many and they are all good men), my step-father (a good man), my husband (another good man) and a zillion other GOOD men who we share this planet AND OUR FUTURE with!

And I feel sadness because women supporting the notion of the future is female, will be sending this message down to their sons, brothers, step-dads, and husbands. They will be burying their beautiful feminine empathy, in favor of an ugly battle that mimics the same inequality that started the whole feminist movement

I do not want a future when women are the oppressors, where women pay back the crimes of bad men by inflicting indignation on the good men.

I don't believe feminism is about seeing the future as female, I believe that feminism wants and has always wanted EQUALITY, an equality that means, equality for both sexes.

Women AND Men, side by side, working together for a human future.