This Is ME

lauren derrett this is me

I'm Lauren and I live in Essex.

I'm 44 - 45 next month - and am feeling all the midlife feels, what have I achieved? Where am I going? What comes next?

I have 4 kids (22, 19, 15 & 6) and 2 step-kids (18 & 16), I'm over parenting teens, step kids, and huge age gaps.

I'm really getting into style over 40, and am enjoying the extra time I've found I have (I used to fear the extra time, it felt too much so I would busy myself to fill it) my libido up and left and I'm getting skin tags on my neck (?).

I've remembered that I used to love to read (hence me running a book club in the Midlife Hub) and I have a new found love of being outside and walking my dogs.

I’m also a published author, a public speaker and a fucking unapologetic potty mouth. I can be found resisting wine and inhaling cake.

My circle is small and my family fractured, I’m as honest as the day is long and a HUGE empath.

An introverted extrovert with too many notepads and an inability to work modern day technology (I use probs 2 of the apps that came with my phone).

You’ll find me in my bedroom from 7.30pm and in the shower at 8am.

I’m a rebel and a confident, a loudmouth who values silence, a living contradiction.


Let me know in the comments below who you are….