Lauren Derrett is a motivational speaker, author of Filter Free: Real-Life Stories of Real Women, and the founder of, a platform that empowers women through real life stories, interviews and discussion, with the aim of creating a safe space and community where women can develop self-confidence and speak their unfiltered truth. She is a domestic-violence-victim-turned women’s advocate, a mother-of-four, and step-mum to two more teenagers. Never one to shy away from expressing her opinions, she has featured in The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Talk Radio, Woman's Own, Selfish Mother, BBC Essex and more.


The Daily Telegraph and Women's Own 

Sober The Sun Fabulous

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You can find Lauren empowering women on her social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Lauren is happy to talk about:

- the hidden face of domestic abuse – how she endured emotional and physical abuse, despite living the ‘perfect’ middle-class life
- motherhood & parenting - all subjects relating to bringing up children and step-children age ranging from 6-22yrs and overcoming miscarriage
- blended families - being a step-mum, dealing with blended family dynamics
- becoming teetotal - from enjoying a daily glass of wine to unwind, to worrying it had become a crutch
- body positivity - she has shared photos of her post-baby tummy and her breast reduction surgery on social media and believes in sharing her real, unfiltered self
- women's empowerment - what it means to be a feminist today, raising daughters, empowering women to have a voice

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