I want you to KNOW...

  • You are enough, just as you are, you just don’t feel it YET, but you will, it’s my mission that you do.
  • You CAN manage your emotions so they work in the best interest of you. Denying emotions and hiding emotions won’t ever stop the emotions, it’s time to face them full on so you can manage them. 

  • It’s safe to get curious. Curiosity propels your life from where you are now to beyond how you ever imagined it to be. 

  • You CAN tap into your sense of self and tune into your inner cheerleader (she may be buried deep, but she IS in there, you just can’t reach her YET) and to be the lead role in your life. You’re life is not meant to feel like this, you’re not meant to feel like this. YOU have all you need within you, you just need to tap into it. 
  • How it could feel to be living as the highest version of yourself.  Like what does it REALLY FEEL like? How do you see the best version of you? What does she like to do, what are her attributes? How does she dress? How does she show up?
  • That you could be HER now. That she IS you, she just needs you to shine a light on her.  

I pictured myself as a yogi with a kind heart and a peaceful mind,
I got curious, and then she appeared.

- Lauren Derrett


   I’d love to introduce you to your higher self. 

  • Life is a human experience and to have the full experience know that it’s OK to feel ALL the feels, the good, the bad and the ugly, but, you’re in control which feel you want to spent the most time with. 

  • You may not feel it, but YOU are in control of your mind, your choices and your thoughts.

  • You are STRONG, no question, you’re still here, it’s evidence babe, you’ve made it this far. 
  • You are not alone, even when it feels that you are the only one on the planet and that nobody has ever felt the way you do, please know that I’m here, and I bring a tribe of women just like you, and we are with you, you just can’t see us YET.