Ever find yourself saying ‘Fml’ or ‘Story of my life’ on a regular basis?

Babe, that’s the shit that needs shaking up! 

Life shouldn’t feel like an uphill struggle and our experiences don’t have to define how we choose to live our life. 

You need a safe space for personal evolution. A Women-only group with the sole purpose of shaking shit up that doesn’t serve us, and focusing on creating change for a better life. You need...


YOU ARE ENOUGH Members Lounge


are you living life limitless?


I’ve lived a life of what I thought were limiting challenges, from a childhood without love to becoming a survivor of domestic violence. 

I choose to create a full and positive life in spite of my past challenging experiences. I choose to get curious about how I can enjoy the life that I’m in and create the changes needed so that I can live it! 

I did a talk at an event recently about how my life IS actually limitless regardless of my limiting experiences - watch here ▷

Nothing worth having ever comes easy BUT fuck me, it’s so worth it, tiny daily shifts in mindset will give you the freedom you never believed to be possible for you. With time, patience and the right support *cough - members lounge* you can; 


✰ Retrain old negative thought patterns  

✰ Learn to regain control over your thinking

✰ Learn new life habits that will create a new life





When you step into our member's lounge

you will be connected to other like-minded woman all looking for new ways of viewing the life they’re living in. You will be (virtually) held in the space while you explore what YOU need from your life and how to get it. 





Six beautiful women drinking coffee and chatting.


10% OFF the entire shop including 1-1 Mentoring Sessions

Live drop in sessions from me every week. An opportunity for you to ask me anything (tap into my mentoring) or for me to expand on any topics that have come up for members in the week (often we don’t even know that something needs addressing until another person raises it in their own lives - sharing is caring).

A place for you to share whats on your mind and feel heard and understood or a place to sit back, observe and feel included, however you choose to use the space, you will still benefit from having it in your life.

Mini masterclass on the topic of the month - A 30 minute video and supporting PDFs, narrowing down the given topic and prompting you to delve deep! These masterclasses, which are inclusive of your chosen membership fee, sell as one-off items outside of the group for £5 each.

Monthly LIVE chats with Experts in the fields that will help educate, empower and inspire you for change.

Experts that we’ve already seen are; 

✰ Nicola Rae Wickam - Founder of A Life More Inspired and Creative Coach

✰ Suzy Reading - Psychologist and Author of Self-Care Revolution

✰ Gemma Barry - Founder of  The Well Woman Project and Coach in Hormonal Health

✰ Steph Grainger - Transformational Coach

+ Friendships and Lols. No judgement. 

You can use the group as much or as little as you like, I appreciate that some people are born to sit back and absorb while others are up front and vocal, there are no rules as to how you present yourself in the group, it’s YOUR space, make it work for you. 





Don’t sweat it if you can’t make any of the live chats, they will be saved in the group so you can catch up at a time that suits you.

You'll also have lifetime access to all of the accompanying masterclass assets.

pdf assets.png

What current members are saying; 


"The members lounge is a safe place. It's friendly. Women from all walks of life with different experiences there to support one another. But more than anything it is inspiring and has the power to change your life for the better." 

- Claire Kirby - Blogger at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

“I joined FB just so I could join the Members Lounge. I love Lauren's honesty and she's not afraid to speak of her own life experiences which I find so beneficial and allows me to be open with myself/past/issues that I've been holding on to. I've been living in my past for far too long, believed in my mid-forties life was over. Lauren has shown me a whole new way to look at my past and move into my future. My journey has only just begun, I've so much within me that is truly wonderful and positive, with Lauren as an influence, her live sessions, guest speakers and just being there to truly understand and guide this group I'm feeling excited and for the first time in a long time I'm beginning to stand tall."

"As Lauren says in her Limitless talk,

"I'm fucking evidence",
and actually I am!!!!” 


“The member's lounge is incredible. Such a supportive and safe place for women to come together and grow. I was nervous about sharing my issues, but when I did I was welcomed with open arms and supported by Lauren and the members. The weekly live Q&A's are the perfect weekly check-in, my new favourite way to start the week! Oh, and the guest speakers are amazing! Interesting thought provoking, inspiring and helping me to grow. All I can say is join and thank you, Lauren, for creating this space."

Laura Jennings, Founder of This Holistic Life


Member's lounge pricing;

The membership starts at £5 per month and goes up to £25 per month. 


You simply CHOOSE what the group is worth TO YOU.

For example, if you know you'll only dip in and out or are on a low budget, go ahead and choose the £5 per month option. 

On the other hand, if you feel the group, the women in it, the content, and Lauren's experience and support will be invaluable to you and the way you live your life, then, well it's a lot cheaper than a counsellor at £25 per month!

The choice is yours, and you can cancel at any time - you're not tied into anything long term.

Choose your investment