Is prostitution a job?

This is not as easy of an answer as it may sound. Most people will probably tell you that yes, prostitution is indeed a legitimate business, a very important business that is in fact growing faster than any other industry today. That is because prostitution is an act between willing partners.

However, prostitution is also an action. And sex is always an action, an act of giving and receiving, the giving and receiving of sex. Sex is something that has been used throughout history for power and will be used still, but it is also a tool. Sex is a powerful tool, and it has been used for both negative and positive results, the negative results mostly resulting from the lack of education on the effects of sex on the human body.

So, is prostitution a job? It depends. It depends if you call the actions or the business of prostitution a job, or a means to an end.

The business of prostitution is an ever growing industry, and is a billion dollar business in the world alone. What is even more interesting about this is that prostitution is legal in most countries in the world today. In fact prostitution is legal in the United States and in most countries in Europe, the word “prostitution” does not even exist. This is because prostitution is a business, and like all businesses, it thrives on the sale and purchase of human beings.

It is a business, because sex sells. It is a business, because sex is the universal currency. It is a business because without sex, there is no money. It is a business because without the exchange of one human being for another, there is no investment, no gain, no growth, no anything.

But the question still remains… Is prostitution a business? And the answer is… Not really. There is always a transaction (and I am not talking about money), but the exchange is only one aspect of the relationship between the parties. What is important to remember is that sex is the universal solvent, and without it life can not be sustained, and vice versa.

That is not to say that prostitution is wrong in any way, shape or form… Not at all. In fact prostitution has helped many people across the world to find true love, happiness and even financial freedom. And most importantly, I think it is the right thing to do.

But is prostitution a job? That is a trickier question to answer. In my opinion the answer should be no, prostitution is not a legitimate work. As with any other employment, it is a relationship between two willing and caring humans and should be regulated by both parties concerned. The sex industry has gotten out of control in many parts of the world, and the police are very weak when it comes to combating this illegal trade. But sex workers are protected in some countries, so I would recommend trying to find out before you get involved, as it can be a very rewarding and life changing experience.

My own theory on the subject would be that prostitution is a forced situation. Prostitution is not really a choice for many of those who enter the trade. They are brought there by circumstances that make them desperate for a way to make some money, to survive. Of course it is hard to think that anyone would voluntarily put themselves in such a position, but that is what happens in many situations.

In addition to this forced situation, many women are also treated badly. They are treated like crap in front of other women, and they are treated worse than animals in general. They would not be treated so badly if they were not in desperate need for money.

So no, prostitution is not a job. It is more of an undesirable situation which is made even worse due to the fact that it is against the law in most places, and it is looked down upon by society as well. But then again, prostitution is not really a good idea in general. I would rather people use their money to better themselves instead of working for someone else all day.