Lauren has a natural talent for bringing people together, making you feel like you’re all “in it” together, as women, as human beings. Applying her emotional intelligence and past experiences, Lauren uses her candid sense of humour, to put across her important message: we are not our story’s and we are enough. And what a message that is!

Lauren is different from other speakers, she doesn’t pretend to be a perfect person or to have all the answers but she has real talent for making you feel important and worthy of love. She is inspiring whilst remaining accessible. There were a few tears that night, me included & after our talk, I watched women around the room start to open up about their experiences, no longer afraid of the stigma of their pasts. Everyone wanted to join Lauren in her movement to support women and it was a beautiful thing. I can’t wait for more events, I’m totally hooked.
#girlcrush - Victoria
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LONDON - Saturday 21st July - 6.30 pm Bubbly & Body Love presents Motherhood & Mental Health


When I hold This Girl is Enough LIVE events  it's ALL about bringing women together and empowering them with inspirational guest speakers alongside myself. There are tears, laughs and the biggest most important part, connection. Women have come to my events on their own and leave with a group of new friends. 

I have been lucky enough to have amazing turn outs of 50 plus women come to the events, all who come with an open mind  and looking to find out more about themselves and each other.  

When you book me to talk at your event I bring the lols, the tears and the sisterhood connections. I share the importance of women taking a step aside from their challenging experiences so that they no longer feel owned by them. The importance of them learning that they are not their experience and that their experience does not define them. I also talk about how they go about doing this, leaving them feeling more in control of how they feel about their lives and confident that they are enough. 

I am all about lifting women, connecting women and sharing all my experiences, giving them permission to do the same.

I’m a single mum so nights out for me are rare. But if an event of Lauren’s pops up on my Facebook news feed I get my ticket, put it in my diary and book the baby sitter ASAP! I know it will be something I won’t want to miss out on. Things I take with me to a This Girl Is Enough event: a packet of tissues, an open heart and an open mind. Be ready to have the way you think challenged. I often go on my own in the knowledge that I’ll be made to feel welcome and part of the TGIE tribe. Daunting at first but so worth it. The events are inspiring, emotional and challenging at times. But they help me to feel part of a wonderful community of strong, awesome women. - Jenny
I’ve been to a few events with Lauren hosting and I have been moved on every occasion. The first event was such an overwhelming experience I was crying with relief that I finally found a place in this world. Lauren has this ability to not only speak the truth from the heart but also speaks to your heart and I felt such connection to all the women in the room that evening. I am drawn to Lauren’s mission and raising my two daughters in this world where they have so much pressure on themselves that I want to make sure they know that they are enough. Lauren has made me believe in myself, to know that, whatever I do is enough. - Victoria

My Book Launch in Foyles - Nov 2017

When my book was launched at Foyles in November 2017 I decided that it would be a fabulous opportunity to spread my message future. I named it 'Meet the Women', a place where a few of the contributors of Filter Free would read aloud a part of their story. The event had 70+ women come along to hear the message of the book. The atmosphere on the night was one of strength and the feedback started coming right then and there, the most theme being 'some of those stories resonate so much with me' - connection right there.