Emma, AKA The Psychology Mum is a Clinical Psychologist and Scottish mum. There's psychology, parenting, well-being, mental health and a touch of interiors, brains & mouldy veg in the mix!

Instagram; @thepsychologymum

1. What 5 words describe your life?

Hectic, juggling, fun, family, brains.  

2. What's something that people won't already know about you?

After answering those ten facts about me questions on Instagram I’m finding this hard to come up with something…. Hmmm I once ate a beetle (so my mum tells me). I’m also a qualified diver and find diving really relaxing, which I think is down to the slow breathing and being buoyant in the water. I’ve not dived since I’ve had kids though and diving in Scotland is not quite so tempting as I have only dived in warm seas (which I guess helped with the relaxation, along with the tropical paradise bit and the promise of a post-dive cocktail). I learned to dive in the British Virgin Islands, which I know well, so I've been really sad to see it devastated in the recent hurricanes. 

3. How many 'real' friends do you have VS your likers/followers/FB friends? 

Well, I certainly don't have over 2000 friends, so, far, far less! I’d say a handful or two of close friends with an added sprinkling of some more people I enjoy spending time with. I’m also lucky to count my work colleagues as friends which definitely makes going to work far easier. 

4. What makes you feel vulnerable? 

Anything that puts my children at risk. I can also feel vulnerable if I feel I have done something that does not fit with my values, for example if I think I have done something to make someone else feel bad, as it makes me question myself. Also when my capacity cup is too full (when I have too much to deal with and minimal capacity to deal with it) I can feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. 

5. Do you dare to dream or do you think dreams only come true for others? 

I dream all the time. I think every psychologist has a dream alternative career which they think of when things are stressful (or maybe this is just me!) and mine is travelling the world being a national geographic photographer (In fact that’s also something many people don’t know about me). I still think this might be my next career…. and I hope that’s not just a dream. 

6. What one piece of advice would you give other women about life? 

Value yourself and look after yourself. Taking time to do what you enjoy and makes you feel good is not selfish, its necessary for your mental health and well-being.  Guilt is such a common aspect of being a woman so notice this and try not to let it be barrier to looking after yourself. 

7. When did you last shave your pits/legs? 

Hmmm I tend to shave when prompted, i.e. my legs/ pits will be on show. This is partly why I love autumn and winter so much: thick tights and woolly jumpers seriously reduce the need to shave. So I think the last time I shaved my legs was one of the last sunny late summer days in Scotland when I wore cropped trousers. Only my ankles were on show, so that’s all that got the razor treatment. From inspection I seem to have shaved my pits fairly recently, but I cant think why.