Deborah is a Sun online columnist, a mother a cancer patient and a kick arse, beautiful, brave and inspiring women who is sharing her journey and asking others to share the theirs by showing off their scars, sharing what keeps them smiling, or how they are giving two fat fingers to cancer #thingscancermademesay

Instagram; @bowelbabe
Sun column; Things Cancer Made Me Say

1. What 5 words that describe your life?

Love (full of love) 
Organised chaos

2. What's something that people won't already know about you?

I used to be a national gymnastic and grew up training 20 hours a week.

3. How many 'real' friends do you have VS your likers/followers/FB friends? 

Very blessed with lots of real friends and some FB followers that become friends! I have a close group who I've known for years from either university or having children. 

4. What makes you feel vulnerable?  

Waiting for scan results! Cancer generally! 

5. Do you dare to dream or do you think dreams only come true for others? 

Absolutely! The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! (Cheesy quote alert!) 

6. What one piece of advice would you give other women about life? 

Live now. Enjoy now, appreciate life today and feel thankful every day for what you have. I used to live in the future - of we'll do this in 2 years, etc etc - but when you are not sure if you have a future you appreciate 'today' far more. 

7. When did you last shave your pits/legs? 

This morning! The only advantage of chemo is my legs are less hairy! Every cloud hey!