7 Questions - Katie Hill _Joy Default

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Katie aka Joy Default is a contentment coach, she's into sharing her mindful magic and Reiki, and she's creator of Contentment Cards πŸ’œ #joydefault

Instagram; katie_hill_joydefault

Website; www.katiehill.co.uk

1. What 5 words describe your life


2. What's something that people won't already know about you?

From the age of 3, I was obsessed with Michel Gorbachev. If you don't know, google him. If I could have had his poster on my wall, I would have πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜†

3. How many 'real' friends do you have VS your likers/followers/FB friends? 

I feel blessed to have a lot of people that I would call friends, but I also know that people come and go in life a lot. And that's okay. 
There are no more than a handful that I can be truly open with and know the bones of me, and vice versa. 

4. What makes you feel vulnerable?  

Not being sure if I'm doing the right thing. Especially as a mum. Letting go and trusting my instinct has been a steep learning curve.  And being a hypocrite. I don't always practice what I preach, but I think that makes me as human as the next person. 

5. Do you dare to dream or do you think dreams only come true for others? 

I have always been a dreamer. I catch ideas like butterflies and get super enthusiastic about them...to the point of annoying. My husband loves to remind me of the time I was obsessed with the idea of working as a flight attendant for Virgin. It didn't happen. 
Sometimes the dreams stick, and sometimes they don't. I don't think its fickle, I think it's being open to creativity. I'd struggle to live a life without dreams. 

6. What one piece of advice would you give other women about life? 

It's okay not to be okay. And it's okay to lose your shit. Multiple times. You might find out a lot more about yourself on the other side, and you might even come to find true joy at the essence of who you are. 

7. When did you last shave your pits/legs? 

Bottom quarter of legs this morning...so I could wear my trousers rolled up. The rest of the leg is anyone's guess..!