Harriet aka Spacemasks is a mother of 4 and creator of the latest trend sweeping the universe (and galaxies). Spacemasks are little pouches of magic in the form of an eye mask. The masks heat up and relax you down. They've now been seen in Vogue, Tatler, Style, Stella, Harpers, Grazia, You, Cosmopolitan, Telegraph, Now, Junior, Fabulous and on my bedside cabinet! 

Instagram; @spacemasks

Website; spacemasks.com

1. What 5 words describe your life?

Happy, Exhausting, Hectic, Organised, Satisfying

2. What's something that people won't already know about you?

I adore musicals.  If I’m not listening to Prince, I’m listening to soundtracks of musicals such as The Sound of Music, 42nd Street, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl, Mary Poppins and Annie.

3. How many 'real' friends do you have VS your likers/followers/FB friends?

I don’t have Facebook and I’m very new to Instagram although I’ve met a handful of absolutely superb people on the gram.  I have lots of great friends but only a handful who I would call in a crisis.  My father said that if you could count 5 real friends on your deathbed, you’d had a good life.  When you can pick off where you left off even after a year or two, it’s real. 

4. What makes you feel vulnerable?

Driving on motorways.  I have zero sense of direction so constantly feel lost and I loathe being late. 

5. Do you dare to dream or do you think dreams only come true for others?

Of course I dream.  I’m irritatingly optimistic.  

6. What one piece of advice would you give other women about life?

Be as independent as you can.  My mother found herself a widow at the age of 36 with little money and zero qualifications but bounced back and never grumbled.

7. When did you last shave your pits/legs?

I’m quite hot on this as I’m a keen swimmer but don’t ask me when I last washed my hair...