7 Questions - Jemma's Health Hub

Jemma aka Jemma’s Healthclub is a mum to two boys and a qualified personal trainer. Jemma offers GOT 5 LIVE HOST (New 5 min workouts everyday) over on Instagram, fast fitness for busy people. It’s all about using exercise for therapy.

Jemma also runs The Hub, a 6 week exercise and wellness course to kickstart new healthy habits.... BUT with a difference. This programme offers health, fitness and nutritional information

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7 Questions - Social Mama Hertford

Jess aka Social Mama Hertford is a mum of two year old identical twins Gus & Jude, she’s a former Events Director and is married to a retired pro cage fighter based in Hertford, Herts.

Jess set up Social Mama after having her boys because whilst there were lots of lovely local baby groups there was nothing that was just for her. Somewhere she could go and meet other local mums and have a glass of wine and a conversation/wee in peace.

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7 Questions - Motherkind

Zoe aka Motherkind is a Kundalini Khalsa Way pregnancy yoga teacher, certified coach (with NLP) and meditation teacher. She is also trained in various self-development techniques and has a background in 12 step recovery. Zoe is on a mission to support mothers in connecting back to ourselves through the mayhem of modern motherhood. Through Motherkind Zoe hosts The Motherkind Podcast, runs events, workshops and offers one to one work for Mums.

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