The story of when this girl had enough...

I'm Lauren, mum of 4, step-mother of 2, Author of Filter Free - Real Life Stories of Real Women, motivational speaker and a real woman. 

I have spent far too many years of my life not feeling enough and now I'm calling BS on that! I had stories that I stored internally for many years to the detriment of myself but to protect everybody else from my ‘ugly’ life experiences that didn’t fit into the heavily filtered world we are now living in.

After many, many, many (too many) years of various therapies I decided that enough was enough, that I was enough and that I was no longer going to protect others opinions of me whilst I had such a low opinion of me.

I got real! I shared my stories, unashamedly, unapologetically and unfiltered.

The out pouring from other women told me that I wasn’t alone in my feelings of failure or of not being enough.

I believe that in today's filtered world we don't have many fair comparisons of what real life as a woman is like and so I bring you This girl is Enough, a base for the Filter Free blogSpeaking Events,  my book Filter Free - Real Life Stories of Real Women, and quick-fire round 7 Questions blog where we get the oppotunity to find out what other real women are thinking, all 7 questions being answered unfiltered by some amazing women all with the aim to bring back some realness , some sisterhood and a whole empowering heap of you are not alone.

A powerful read and very much needed in our world today
— Katie. Amazon
Lauren has a natural talent for bringing people together, making you feel like you’re all “in it” together, as women, as human beings. Applying her emotional intelligence and past experiences, Lauren uses her candid sense of humour, to put across her important message: we are not our story’s and we are enough. And what a message that is!

Lauren is different from other speakers, she doesn’t pretend to be a perfect person or to have all the answers but she has real talent for making you feel important and worthy of love. She is inspiring whilst remaining accessible. There were a few tears that night, me included & after our talk, I watched women around the room start to open up about their experiences, no longer afraid of the stigma of their pasts. Everyone wanted to join Lauren in her movement to support women and it was a beautiful thing. I can’t wait for more events, I’m totally hooked.
#girlcrush - Victoria
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